Stoat Muldoon is an overly zealous alien hunter who discovers the martians on Earth several times throughout the series, but every time he has, the Martians have outwitted him and erased his memory. He has an underground base in the middle of the desert where he broadcasts his television show and dedicates his time to studying paranormal activity. Throughout most of the series, Stoat Muldoon is considered the antagonist of the show, but on a few special occasions, he joins forces with the Martians to defeat Emperor Bog and Dr. Damage. He is also allergic to nuts. His name is a reference to another famous alien obsesser, Fox Mulder of the X-Files. He is not evil, merely over-eager. Although he seems to be rather incompetent, he is a very brave man, as when the children were threatened by Klaktor, he put himself in danger to protect them despite having no weapons.

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