Steve is the main protagonist of the famous video game Minecraft. Very little is specifically known about Steve and who or what it is, where it orignated from, what its goal is, and if it's even human.


Steve doesn't have much of a personality nor a real goal on its own. He occasionally speaks, but all it really does is actions related to the player's choice. He could be a nice and generous man, otherwise a sadistic, cruel, and mass homicidal maniac, who has absolutely no morals. He can vary so much that he fits in nearly every category. Because Steve can be an administrator, he could be considered lawful good. That is because he enforces by the rules of Minecraft. Or if he is a troll, he could be a terrorist, the possibilities (that's how it's spelled) are endless.

Powers and Abilities

Super Strength

Steve is capable of carrying over 400,000 tons of materials, and he is able to break solid wood trunks and rocks quite easily with his punches. And, if enough time is taken, even Diamond and Obsidian can be broken by Steve's constant assault. He is even able to kill zombies and other beasts only with his hands (estimation claims he can punch with a force of 1.7 Kilotons). His super strength extends to his legs, being able to jump 1 meter high with ease, however, due to Minecraft's gravity being 75% greater than Earths, Steve can jump 1.75 meters high with relative ease.

Combat Master

Steve has shown to have great combat proficiency, being able to deal with creatures much more powerful or bigger than him easily. He also shown being able to defend from arrows using a sword, and to shoot arrows very far.

Master Alchemist

Steve is very apt of crafting potions. He can craft healing, fire-protecting, speeding and many other types of potions.

Master Craftsman

Steve is able to craft many items with very limited tools, even being able to craft pure diamond blades simply by having a crafting table.

Minor Super Speed

Steve is able to run at very fast speeds for a human (Can run 9.225m/s), however, his stamina depletes even faster than a normal human if he keeps running.

Master Builder

Steve is able to build alone very complex buildings, such as castles and gigantic skyscrapers, provided he has enough materials. His building speed is very fast, and he can construct a simple house in a matter of minutes.

Super Vitality

Steve has a very high vitality, being able to survive sword blows, explosions, arrow shots to the head, lava submersion, suffocation and drowning.

Big Lung Capacity

Steve is able to survive for a longer time than a normal human when underwater.


Steve has shown great skill with a sword, being able to deflect/defend arrows with a sword, and to defeat easily other enemies.

General Weapon Skill

Steve is able to use tools as weapons, being able to wield axes, hoes, pickaxes and shovels efficiently, although not even near as his ability with the sword. He has also shown to use various guns and modern day explosives with expert skill (Pistols, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, Grenades, Firebombs, and Smokebombs, which are only available via mods).

Bow and Arrow Skill

Steve is able to use bow and arrows with proficiency, being able to hit afar with a bow and to kill normal animals with just one or two arrows.

Master Strategist

Steve is able to plan complex strategies to defeat many of his enemies, and he is an expert at detecting weaknesses. As well, he can build complex traps to many types of enemies.

Minor Regeneration

When well-fed, Steve can regenerate quickly from wounds otherwise considered deadly, like sword slashes and being shot at the head by arrows, and even explosions. However, it is a slow proccess, taking many seconds to heal from simple slashes and attacks, and he needs to be well-fed.

Master Trader

Steve can also expertly trade with villagers, using emeralds as a currency in order to obtain most kinds of items.


Steve is a Human, but a block-shaped one. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes and tan skin. Steve's default clothes consists of a teal t-shirt along with blue jeans and grey shoes, but depending on the player's choice, he can be customized with a variety of skins.



  • Steve's head is a wearable item in Borderlands 2.
  • You can Texture Skin your Steve (or a Player) that what you want to play as. (Ex: Mario, Sonic, Etc)
  • Steve's real name is "Steve?", according to the merchandise related to him and some snapshot info pages on the official Mojang website.
  • There is also another page to change Steve's skin, which is called Skindex and you can play with the look of your favorite characters. (Ex: Captain America, Batman, etc.)


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