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Full Name



The Player, whatever the player desires




Miner, builder, alchemist, hunter


Building, planning, fighting skills, strength, speed, endurance, alchemy


Building, exploring, mining


Dependent on player's choice

Type of Hero

Dependent on player's choice.

Steve is the main protagonist of Minecraft. Very little is known about Steve and who or what it is, where it orignated from, what its goal is, and if it's even human.


Steve doesn't have much of a personality nor a real goal on its own. It never talks, all it really does is actions related to the player's choice. He could be a nice generous man, or a sadistic cruel mass homicidal maniac, who has absolutely no morals. He can vary so much that he fits in nearly every category. Because Steve can be an administrator, he could be considered lawful good. That is because he enforces by the rules of Minecraft. Or if he is a troll, he could be a terrorist, the posibilityses are endless.

Powers and Abilities

Steve is capable of carrying over four hundred thousand tons of materials, running fast, fighting hordes of various monsters, and it never has to sleep. Steve is also capable of building huge creations with no help at all. It can also build portals, use alchemy, and shoot arrows far.


Since the common theorized story of Minecraft is that Steve is trying to save the world and Testificates from the Endermen army and their leader the Dragon, it can be based on that Steve is caring and brave. However; since its personality is based on you, it's up to you to decide what it does and how it acts. Is Steve going to risk everything for the Testificates, is it going to procrastinate and save the world later, is it going to be a morally ambigious anti hero who constantly steals from the Testificates and makes it rather unclear whether it's doing it for the greater good or just its own selfish gain, or is it not even going to be the slightest bit heroic and just run around mindlessly killing animals and testificates not even trying to save the world, or is he going to be an evil being, not trying to save the world, and in fact being even worse than the Enderdragon? Another factor is what mode you pick, if you pick Hardcore mode and fail that ultimately means that Steve failed its quest to save the world and that the Ender-Dragon succeeds in whatever his goal was, however; if you chose survival mode and died you simply come back without your tools.


Steve's default clothes are blue pants and a shirt, though, with editing you can change its clothes and apperance completely.

Gallery and Fan-Art


  • Steve's head is a wearable item in Borderlands 2.
  • When you Texture Skin your Steve (or a Player) that what you want to play as. (Ex: Mario, Sonic, Etc)

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