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Stanley is the main character and hero/anti-hero in the never ending Half-Life 2 mod turned game "The Stanley Parable." In it, the moody Narrator (voiced by Kevan Brighting) tells what happens before you make a choice of where to go. There are lots of endings and choices to do in the game, from blowing up in a nuclear explosion to insanity to MineCraft. The story is that Stanley is in a 500 floor office building where he is Employee 427 where the only thing he does is push buttons. His coworkers suddenly go missing and it is his job to find out what happened. You can either follow the Narrator or disobey him, leading to many, many endings (even turning on sv_cheats leads to an ending). Along the way, the Narrator tries to tell Stanley that his job was killing him.


Stanley is the silent main character who has less understanding of the situation than the Narrator. He can be nothing more than an observer, as the Narrator described him in one ending, which is true. He gives no reaction to anything except fright in the Insanity Ending and rebellion in the Freedom and Explosion endings. He wears a white polo with a shirt underneath with jeans.

The Narrator

The Narrator is the deuteragonist of the story and wrote it, too. The Narrator is very moody, he can go from unbridled rage to the saddest tone ever. He often breaks the fourth wall and knows that this is a video game. He describes himself as the one who wraps everything up at the end and makes sense out of the chaos and confusion. He can restart the game on his own accord and even put Stanley in back when he didn't follow directions once. If Stanley follows the Narrator becomes content. He can go to such a point of childishness that he calls Stanley fat and ugly, or gangly.

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