Spotty Man (voiced by Pat Fraley in the US version and Jon Pertwee in the UK version) - SuperTed's loyal friend who is a yellow alien in a yellow jump-suit with green spots all around him and came from the Planet Spot that bought SuperTed to life with his cosmic dust and flies with SuperTed on every mission, he likes a few things to be covered with spots, a number of things he hated were being tied up by Superted (aka Terrible Ted), his travelling bag being carried away by biting ants, being locked up at Fort Knox by Texas Pete, being knocked in the Texas snake pit by Texas Pete and a haybail, having a couple being ice-danced by Pengy and Dr Frost, looking good in stripes with a white tiger disguise over him and having his Spots taken away by Texas Pete. he is the second main hero of the series.

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