Speckles' hatchlings

Speckles' hatchlings

Speckles' hatchlings are two young Tarbosaurus in the korean film, Speckles the Tarbosaurus. One of them has gray scales, with blue eyes, while the other has brown scales, with amber eyes. Their names and genders are unknown.


Speckles' hatchlings are first seen emerging from their eggs, in their father's childhood nest. Blue-Eyes, their mother, watches them, and helps them out of their eggs, as Speckles approaches them, happily. Speckles then walks over to the nest, and sees that the rest of the eggs didn't survive, since it was a difficult time for hatching. Sadly, he then turns back to his surviving children, before one of the eggs behind him begins to open! A green Tarbosaurus hatchling, with a spotted face identical to his father's, hatches, and is named Speckles Jr., after his father. A few weeks later, the three hatchlings are playing together, when suddenly, the ground shakes, and they run to their parents, in fear. Speckles and Blue-Eyes see that a volcano has erupted from close by, and at that moment, fireballs begin to rain down upon the land! The dinosaurs in the area panic, and stampede to safety, as Speckles and his family flee to a large cave. Just then, the brown hatchling is crushed under a rock, as Speckles watches in horror! Blue-Eyes rushes over, and attempts to push the rock off of her child, but she cannot. Meanwhile, Speckles manages to carry the gray hatchling to safety, as Jr. is about to be crushed by more rocks, like his sibling! Blue-Eyes sees her hatchling is in peril, and tosses Jr. out  of the way, before the rocks fall on her leg, and she collapses! Speckles sees her, and urges Blue-Eyes to get up. Blue-Eyes manages to limp out of the cave, with Speckles, and their two remaining hatchlings, before the roof of the cave collapsed. The remaining survivors of the disaster travel through the desert, tired, and hungry, for two weeks. Speckles and his family follow them, equally exhausted. Meanwhile, Velociraptors continue to hound them, looking for a meal. Just then, Blue-Eyes collapses from her infected leg injury, and her hatchlings wail at her to get up, along with Speckles. Blue-Eyes then looks to the side, as a Pukyongosaurus falls to the ground, from exhausion. Velociraptors begin to eat the carcass of the fallen sauropod, as Blue-Eyes attempts to stand up. However, she is too weak to do so, and she collapses again, alerting the Velociraptors! Speckles urges her to get up again, as the raptors charge at them, hungerly! Speckles defends his fallen mate,and succeeds in killing a few of the small carnivores. Just then, one of the Velociraptors notices the hatchlings hiding behind their mother's body, and commands two other Velociraptors to pick them off! They nearly succeed, but Speckles stops them just in time, and kills them too! Then, the pack completely surrounds the Tarbosaurus, before a dying Blue-Eyes calls her mate over to her. She manages to gaze at him for a final time, before she dies. Speckles desperately nudges her, begging his mate to wake up, but it is useless. The hatchlings join in, wailing at their dead mother, as Speckles roars at the sky in grief. As the raptors are about to close in on them, Speckles and his children escape them! The adult Tarbosaurus kills most of the Velociraptors, before they fall back. After looking back at Blue-Eyes' corpse, Speckles then moves on, with the hatchlings. Two more weeks pass, before the herd of dinosaurs spots a "Green Paradise" on the far horizon! After crossing a narrow path, they reach a tall cliff, unaware that Speckles' greatest enemy, One-Eye, is watching them.The hatchlings peer over the edge of the cliff, curiously, at the ocean below. Suddenly, the herd comes back,stampeding towards Speckles and his family, seperating them from eachother! Determined not to lose his family again, like in the past, Speckles tries to reach his hatchlings, but is knocked over by a few of the passing dinosaurs! After the herd passes by, One-Eye approaches the children, and proceeds to knock the gray hatchling off of the cliff! Afterwards, the hatchling is never mentioned, or seen again.


  • The brown hatchling bears a resemblance to Speckles' mother.

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