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Sparky Fairly OddParents
Sparky is Cosmo and Wanda's fairy dog from The Fairly Oddparents. He is a fairy dog that joined Timmy Turner and his fairy family in season 9. He was introduced on the Season 9 premiere episode, "Fairly Oddpet", becoming the addition to the show's main cast, after Poof, in 2008. He is a hyperactive fairy dog that became Timmy Turner's pet.

He first appeared in the episode, "Fairly Oddpet." He was adopted by Timmy who wanted a fairy dog after realizing everyone in Dimmsdale had a pet but him, but as he was banned from all the pet stores of the town, he had to adopt a fairy dog from Fairy World. Due to bad rececption, he was removed from the show, making Man's Worst Friend his last appearance.

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