Sochiro Yagami
I have a responsibility as a parent and as the chief of police.
~ Soichiro Yagami

Sochiro Yagami is a major character of Death Note and is the father of the protagonist Light Yagami , he is the chief of the NPA and initially leads the Japanese task force.


Sochiro Yagami is the Light's father was the head of police, and ironically the leader of the Kira investigation. He worked with L, and was against the idea of his son possibly being Kira. (Which he was) Eventually L died, and the detective in an effort to stop the enemies used the Death Note, and traded half his life span for Shinigami eyes, but was killed soon afterwards. He died looking at Light, being able to see his life span, and thinking he wasn't Kira, which although untrue, made him die in peace.


Soichiro is a kind but determined man who has a strong sense of justice and will do anything he can to protect his family and the people of Tokyo. He loves his family greatly and does not wish to see them harmed.