To build the castle of our dreams, may be simpler than it seems. If you feel a little shy, here's something we can try. I'll just sing a little song, to get us going strong. You can strum, I can hum, till you wanna sing along. It's on the tip of your tongue, just wainting to be sung. So follow me, take my lead, a brand new friend, may be, all you need.
~ Sofia Singing
I'm Sofia.
~ Sofia the First

Princess Sofia the First is the main protagonist of the Disney television special Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess, also the pilot film for a TV series in January 2013. She is voiced by Ariel Winter.

Early Life

Sofia was born in Enchancia to Birk Balthazar of Freezenberg and Miranda of Galdiz. At some point Birk was no longer with Sofia and Miranda, and the latter two were left running a shoe maker/selling shop in the village of Dunwiddie.


Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

Originally a village girl, she became a princess when her mother Queen Miranda married King Roland II. She was crowned princess and met her step-siblings, Princess Amber and Prince James. Amber immediately grew jealous of Sofia. Roland gave her the Amulet of Avalor. Unknown to Sofia, the royal sorcerer Cedric secretly wanted the amulet so he could take over as ruler of Enchancia. Sofia's first day at Royal Prep started out well until James, manipulated by Amber, convinced Sofia to ride on the magic swing, which flung her into a fountain. As she dried herself off, she found out she could talk to animals using the amulet. The animals, led by Clover, helped Sofia because they wanted her to give them food. She was taught at school by the fairies Flora, Fauna & Merryweather, and later invited by James to go to dancing lessons. Unfortunately, Amber tricked her into wearing magic shoes that caused Sofia to fall. After the incident, Sofia refused to speak to her. Sofia sought help from Cedric, and he gave her a written down spell that would apparently make her a great dancer for the royal ball. In reality, it would make everyone in the ball fall asleep, and Cedric planned to blackmail Sofia into giving her the amulet afterwards. Amber couldn't attend the ball after she was berated by James and got her gown ripped, so she lay in bed, depressed and crying. During the ball, Sofia put everyone to sleep with the spell, including Cedric. Using the amulet, Sofia called Princess Cinderella, who told her she could use the amulet to call the princesses of the past. She convinced her to give Amber a second chance and disappeared. Sofia told Amber what she did, and the two reconciled. The two tried to sneak into Cedric's room to find a counter spell book, but Cedric's raven Wormwood shut the door on them. Sofia called Clover and the other animals so they could fend off the raven. During the fight between Wormwood and the forest animals, Sofia dropped the spell book. Wormwood, using the distraction, flew towards Sofia, but was attacked by Amber, who knocked him into a bird cage. Since Sofia could understand animals, she heard Wormwood say that the counter spell was hidden behind the painting, and she took it and also fixed Amber's gown. In return, Amber taught Sofia how to dance. After using the spell to awaken everyone, the ball continued, and Sofia named herself Sofia I after finding out Roland's full name was Roland II.

Elena and the Secret of Avalor

It is here Sofia learns the great mystery behind her Amulet from Alacazar: Princess Elena of Avalor has been trapped in her Amulet for forty-one years. Believing she cannot tell her family the truth, Sofia convinces them to spend the Royal Family's summer vacation there. With her powers, Shuriki's wand, and help from the Jaquins and Alacazar's grandson Mateo, Sofia frees Elena, who sets off to defeat Shuriki on her own. When this fails, Sofia and Elena team up and together they free their families during which Sofia finally reveals the truth about her Amulet to her family and admitting that all of her secret intention was to protect them. They then rally the Citizens of Avalor and defeat Shuriki. Freeing Elena also turns her Amulet pink. Afterwards, she is rewarded with a new dress.

Sofia the First

Sofia is the main character of the TV series Sofia the First, which was voted the Number 1 kids show on Disney Junior. While living in the castle, Sofia learns many important lessons, such as not judging others if she doesn't know them, accepting people for who they are and doing anything she sets her mind to. As a neophyte Royal, she struggles to find her place among the world of Royalty and prove herself worthy of her new status. She also must learn the responsibilities that come with being the bearer of the Amulet of Avalor and its powers. She also finds herself caught between things she wants to do as a free spirit and what she must do as a Princess.


  • "Ah-mazing!"
  • "(giggles)"
  • "Another letter."
  • "What's this?"
  • "This is amazing!"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "My amulet? Why is it glowing?"
  • "What's happening?"
  • "I'll help you."
  • "So, do you just repeat everything I say?" - meeting her duplicate.
  • "Here it goes!"
  • "Is that another letter?"
  • "Whoa!"
  • "Ooh!"
  • "Thanks."
  • "Ahh!"
  • "Wow!"
  • "Whee!"
  • "Woo-hoo!"
  • "Eek!"
  • "THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!!" - squealing in excitement before swimming as a marmaid
  • "Aaarrgh!" - acting like a pirate as a pirate princess.
  • "So I guess that makes me, Sofia the First." - revealing her true identity while dancing with her stepfather.
  • "It only glows once in a while. It's enchanted." - reply to Oona about her amulet.
  • "Oh, Clover! I only just woke up and this birthday is already Ah-Mazing!" - to Clover when today is her birthday.
  • "I have to choose ONE favorite thing? That may be hard... OH, I know!" - before writing a letter back to Malia.
  • "Come on, Clover! It's my first Wassailia in the Castle, and I don't wanna miss a second a bit!" - waking up Clover on her first Wassailia in the Castle.
  • "AAH! (giggling) It's working! (exclaiming) (exhales) There! I'm doing it! WHEE! He-he! WOO!! He-he-he-he! WHEE!!! (giggles) I can see the way, Aunt Tilly! (...) C'mon! Follow me!" - learning to use magic jumping shoes.
  • "So the amulet gave me the power to transform into a Mermaid. Do you know what that means?! I CAN SWIM UNDERWATER LIKE A MERMAID!!" - to Oona after accidentally demonstrating her mermaid transformation.
  • "In this small new world, There's so much more to see, In this small new world, I'm buzzing like a bee, It's a small new world, And all of it is beautiful to me" - singing about her life of being shrunken.
  • "But, what is my destiny?" - to Tilly after being awarded with the "History of Enchancia Castle" book.
  • "Cinderella? What're you doing here?!" - Meeting Cinderella
  • "(gasps in excitement) Princess Jasmine! How'd you get here?" - meeting Jasmine in Tangu.
  • "(gasps in amazement) Princess Belle! What're you doing here?" - meeting Belle.
  • "Ariel?" - Meeting The Daughter of King Triton in the Merroway Cove.
  • "Princess Aurora! Have you come to help us?" - meeting Sleeping Beauty.
  • "Snow White!" - meeting the fairest one of all.
  • "Who are you? (...) Mulan!" - meeting Mulan Disguised as Fa Pang.
  • "No, look! (...) (with Amber) Rapunzel!" - meeting Rapunzel in the Misty Palisades.
  • "Merida!" - Sofia meeting the Archery Princess.
  • "I may not know exactly how I'll do it, But I know that I can free them If I put my heart into it. Oh I can lead the way. Make everything okay. I'm the one that has to save the day. And there's nothing more to say 'Cept up, up and away. Cause I believe that I will be the one to save the day." - singing her beliefs to prove herself as storykeeper.
  • "AAAHHH!!! (accidentally bumps Olaf) OH! uh! Sorry!" - seeing Olaf in her first sight.
  • "Aww..." - when Olaf says he loves warm hugs.
  • "It's because my amulet's not working right! I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid you might be stuck here." - pleading Olaf for help.
  • "I don't know. But this is getting worse and worse. Now I need to stop Miss Nettle from ruining to flower festival, AND fix my amulet so we can go home." - feeling sad she can't communicate with animals.
  • "She looks pretty powerful." - about Morgana.
  • "That was weird... It was like I just had a dream. But I was wide awake." - after having a nightmare about what happened forty-one years ago.
  • "'The Lost Princess of... Avalor?' Like the Amulet of Avalor?" - while reading a most important story to finish.
  • "Usually they just tell the stories. They don't talk to me." - meeting Alacazar.
  • "There's a princess inside my amulet?" - realizing Princess Elena's trapped inside her amulet.
  • "She chose me?" - thinking She's the chosen one.
  • "You say you wanna go somewhere new... well, I have just the new kingdom for you: a special place that we all can explore. So let me tel you 'bout Avalor! It's where everyone goes to trade. We can shop in their grand arcade. It has plenty of sights to see, and ancient ruins of mystery and beautiful scenery. So let's get out of our royal home and I'll set out for the Great Unknown! We'll chart a course of Our very own and take a leap into the Great Unknown!" - Sofia singing to her royal family.
  • "Your kingdom is beautiful." - to the jaquins during the flight to Alacazar's house.
  • "I know this sounds strange, but Your Grandfather sent me here to free princess Elena." - meeting Mateo.
  • "Princess Elena!" - as the person from inside the amulet was revealed
  • "(choking) You're welcome!" - Response to Elena as she flirts with and Thanks Sofia.
  • "You're not the only one." - to Elena.
  • "I wish I was small/Big again." - demonstrating her size-shifting
  • "This IS the amulet you had! It connects all the princesses whoever wore it! So that must be why I'm here! The amulet brought me to help you! This time... It's MY turn to help another princess!!" - foreshadowing what Cinderella said, figuring She has to help Princess Charlotte.
  • "(giggles) Ooh, look at this outfit. So... Witchy." - after Lucinda gives her a witch outfit.
  • "That's the ancient civilization of Maru. My amulet was made there." - showing Cedric the location of where her amulet was made on one of the books.
  • "Somehow, my Amulet decided that I was to become Storykeeper. Now is my job to make sure that each story in the secret library a happy ending..." - explaining to Amber about her job as storykeeper.
  • "Then I'll be your Dragon buddy. I wish to be a dragon." - to Crackle before transforming into a Dragon, just like Maleficent did.
  • "My amulet lets me turn into Animals." - explaining to Crackle after demonstrating her transformation into a Dragon.
  • "I did it! I got my Enchantlet!" - after retrieving a purple Enchantlet.
  • "What is a wicked wizard like you doing in Summer Camp?" - meeting Wendell Fidget again, in confusion, at Camp Wilderwood.
  • "(gasps in fear) No! It can't be! (...) PRINCESS IVY!!" - meeting Princess Ivy again, in fear on a black and white island.
  • "Hmm, let's see." - before writing a letter back to Emma
  • "My amulet lets me turn into a mermaid. So maybe... I wish I was a Fairy. (...) (gasps) I- It worked! I've got wings and everything!" - demonstrating Chrysta her transformation into a fairy.
  • "Alright. One... two... three!" - attempting to free Nerissa with two Enchantlets with her muscles.
  • "Look. There's the Treasure Chest. (...) Good. We have Ursula's Necklace." - retrieving Ursula's Necklace.
  • "I was a girl in the village doing alright, Then I became a princess overnight, Now I gotta figure out how to do it right, So much to learn and see, Up in the castle with my new family, In a school that's just for royalty, A whole enchanted world is waiting for me, I'm so excited to be, I'm finding out what being royal's all about, Making my way it's an adventure everyday, It's gonna be my time, To show them all that I'm Sofia the First!" - her theme song