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Shocker is the female electric puppet that can electrocute her enemies to death. Her weapons are Energy Blasters, Tasers, Shock Baton, Stun Belts, Electrified Water Cannon (E.W.C.), Lightning Knife, Voltage Rope, and Stunt Guns. She wears a Secret Spy Agent Clothes and The Electric Sheild Armor. She has the soul of Leslie K. Bolatinsky. Her weakness is Water, (except Toulon made her waterproof).

Powers and Abilities

She can do electrokinesis, absorb electricity, project lighting bolts, generate electromagnetic propulsion via electrical lines and bridges, can do electrocution, generate electrical conversion into enhanced physical attributions, can do metal Ionization, produce disruption of Wall–Crawling Abilities, Localized Electromagnetic Storms, Electromagnetic Manipulation, Immunity to Electricity, Electromagnetism, Thunderstorm, Spark attack and Charging. She can steal secret network and data from every computer in the world, she give energy to the puppets to power up.

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