Shiori Shiomiya (汐宮 栞 Shiomiya Shiori) is a very shy and reticent 17 year old bibliophile from Majima Academy and the fourth capture target in the series. In addition, she is confirmed to be the holder of the goddess, Minerva.

She doesn't speak to people because she's afraid to speak against them. When she does talk to a person, she often accidentally fuses the words from the books that she has in her hands with the words she's about to say. An example would be trying to say thank you to Keima but ends up saying Thankonomics as she was holding an Economics book in her hands.

Since her youth, she was not able to speak with other people. Also, she becomes very upset when people disrespect the library by disturbing others, or make fun of books or even doodle them (like Keima had) to the point where she actually tells them to stop in a loud voice, although she still apologizes soon after for doing so. Her friends have been claiming that she's weird, which makes Shiori more shy. It is shown that Shiori sleeps with books at night.

Shiori's devotion to books is immense, to the point that she does not use any sort of library index to find books. Instead, she is able to find them as she had read and remembered every single book in the library. She appears to be very shy and easily embarrassed, contemplating her actions to such a degree that she often makes elementary speech mistakes. She has the utmost respect for books and considers them the highest form of art.

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