ShineGreymon is one of the main heroes in Digimon Data Squad and Agumon's Mega form. His attacks are Glorius Burst and GeoGrey Sword.


He resembles a red and white metal dragon. When Thomas betrayed the DATS, Marcus became so furious that he Digivolved ShineGreymon into a corrupted dark version of himself called Ruin Mode and went on a rampage and savagely attacked MirageGaogamon, forcing him and Thomas to retreat. Marcus stopped ShineGreymon's rampage and was reverted into a Digi-Egg. He was later resurrected as Koromon and became ShineGreymon once again and fought Belphemon.

Marcus Daimon started to give more power to ShineGreymon and became the true Burst Mode to defeat Belphemon and Kurata once and for all.

Famous Battles

  • ShineGreymon vs. BioThunderbirdmon
  • ShineGreymon vs. several Gizumon XTs
  • ShineGreymon vs. BioDarkdramon
  • ShineGreymon vs. MirageGaogamon
  • ShineGreymon vs. Belphemon
  • ShineGreymon vs. Craniamon
  • ShineGreymon vs. Gallantmon
  • ShineGreymon vs. King Drasil