U Hayata
Shin Hayata (ハヤタ・シン, Hayata Shin?) was a senior member of the Scientific Special Search Party (SSSP) who was involved in a crash at Ryomagori that bonded him with our hero: Ultraman. He later left the SSSP after it was disbanded and replaced by the Ultra Garrison (UG) and later as a mentor for Ultraman Mebius' human form


After the official crash of a blue meteor at lake Ryomagori, Hayata was dispatched to investigate on the small VTOL. However, as soon as he approached the lake, he was brought down with his VTOL by a red meteor, which the space ship of the hero: Ultraman. After crashing, Hayata was seemingly killed, but Ultraman, ashamed of accidentally killing such a good hearted man, decided to bond their lives together in order to protect the Earth. The crash was witnessed by a few campers, who had also seen unusual blue flashes in the lake, contacted the SSSP. The crew arrived to witness all that was left of Hayata, but suddenly received a radio call from their seemingly dead companion, requesting the SSSP Submarine 113. Hayata approached the craft, then used it to descend it to the bottom of the lake to find the monster Bemular, a captive of the Space Prison who had escaped while Ultraman was guarding the area. Hayata successfully drove Bemular out of the lake, but he himself was caught in the menace's jaws. After Bemular threw the submarine to the ground, Hayata was knocked unconscious and the SSSP began to attack the monster with missiles. Soon, Hayata regained conscious and quickly transformed into Ultraman before the sub was destroyed by Bemular. The alien began to assault the beast, and, due to the "longer arm" advantage Ultraman had over Bemular, Bemular retreated into a blue meteor, which was destroyed by Ultraman. On the trip home, Hayata suddenly appeared in the midst of his teammates and explained about the hero, Ultraman.

Challenging the "Space's Most Powerful Monster"

Hayata's final role in 1966 was a showdown between himself and Zetton. However, the SSSP base was first ransacked and almost destroyed by the Alien Zetton's, who used their shape shifting abilities to fool the members and destroy the SSSP's all powerful computer. When the last of these aliens were killed, he activated a command in which exploded their last UFO and unleashing Zetton. Ultraman appeared for his final fight, but was agonizingly defeated. Finally, it was up to the Science Patrol, who dealt with the menace and defeated it using the Anti-Gravity Missile shot by Arashi. Soon, Zoffy came and rescued Ultraman, and separated him from Hayata, who lost all memories after his crash at Ryomagorie. Hayata later left the SSSP when it was replaced by the UG.

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