"Not in my town, you don't.
~ Sheriff chasing Lightning

Sheriff is a supporting character from the Cars franchise by Disney and Pixar.

He really a police car of Radiator Springs in the movie.

He is voiced by novelist Michael Wallis.



There's a long history of law enforcement in Sheriff's family. His father was a traffic cop. His aunt, 2 cousins on his mother's side and his little brother...even his grandfather was a traffic cop who directed traffic at Times Square in New York around the turn of the century. Sheriff always knew he too would be a cop. After all, how many other options did he have with a name like Sheriff?

Cars 2

Sheriff is the local law enforcement and the keeper of the peace in Radiator Springs. He takes his job very seriously. Sheriff enjoys telling stories and taking the occasional nap behind the Radiator Springs billboard. That's where he was when Lightning McQueen first zoomed into town years ago, which led to a messy car chase that didn't end well. These days, Sheriff welcomes the hotshot racer LightningHOME to Radiator Springs with all four tires.

In the film, he watches McQueen leave for the World Grand Prix. When he is called to London by McQueen he aids McQueen and Mater in fighting the lemons by chaining one of them up just like he did to McQueen in the first film.


Not in my town you don't!

Oh I haven't gone this fast in years. I think I'm going to blow a gasket!

Boy you are in a heap of trouble.

Mater! What did I tell you about talking to the accused?!!

The Radiator Springs court will come to order!

Well if the defendent has no lawyer then the court will assign one to him. Anyone wants to be his lawyer?

Gentlemen! Start your engines!

No no no. He ran out of aspfault last night and ask me if we can come here. All he is trying to do is to make that his left turn.

I trust you alright, but its him I'm worried about!

What are you doing here son? You're going to miss your race! Don't worry I'll provide you a police escort and we'll make up the time.\


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