Background information
Origin Shantae
Hero information
Full name Shantae
Alias Shantae Genie Girl Guardian Genie, Half Genie Hero Guardian of Scuttle Town
Occupation Villager Pirate Belly Dancer Guardian Genie Guardian of Scuttle Town
Powers / Skills Magic spells and magic items Swordsmanship

Transformation Dances Super speed Powerful jumping Hand-to-hand combatant Hair Whip Weapony Fire Manipulation Healing Dance

Hobbies Moving hips Dancing Taking a Bubble Bath
Goals Defeating Risky boots
Family Shantae's mother (alive)

Unknown father (possibly the Warrior) Mimic (uncle)

Friends / Allies Mimic, Bolo, Sky, Wrench, Rottytops
Enemies Risky Boots (archenemy), Tinkerbats, Nega-Shantae, Ammo Baron, The Pirate Master, Holly Lingerbean
Type of Hero Genie Hero Monarch

Shantae is a half genie hero and the titular main protagonist of a game series of the same name from WayForward. She protects her friends and Scuttle Town from her arch-nemesis, Risky Boots

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

The newest addition to the Shantae game series, happens to be a Kickstarter-funded game as well well as a big redesign to the series. Shantae now has an art style similar of that of Mr. Driller and Panty & Stocking. Just like the game's spiritual successor, Mighty Switch Force.


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