1687023-dttr shadow

Shadow is a Malamute dog and partner to GCPD officer, Jack Slate. Shadow is extremely loyal to Jack until the very end and will obey any commands his master gives him. While playing as Jack with Shadow by his side, Jack can command Shadow to attack enemies. Shadow can do silent kills from behind, turning the enemy around and ripping out their throats or biting them in the throat. When sneaking, Shadow can also sense an enemy's heartbeat. Enemies glowing blue are calm, when they glow yellow, they can sense something is there and when they glow red, they know that Shadow is there and will fire at him. When commanding Shadow to attack, the nearest enemy will glow red and Shadow will attack. When sprinting at full speed, Shadow can bowl over enemies and finish them off by shaking them to death. Jack can also tell Shadow to fetch weapons for him.

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