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Seth is an assassin associated with the Yato clan who seeks Linne.


Seth is a 1st year student in the same high-school as Hyde.


Seth is a young man with black hair with part of his hair white and dark gray eyes. He wears a black jacket that covers his mouth, grayish-blue pants and black shoes.


Years ago people within the Yato started to think that people should be allowed to do whatever they want to do with their abilities. This resulted a rebellion and internal fighting within the Yato - Seth's ancestor was one of these rebels. Seth has been trying to fix the mistakes Yato made in the past. He's aiming to claim the Indulgence of Assunder and remove the "curse" placed on Linne and Kuon using that sword.


Seth's ability is the EXS of Chained called Kerykeion.

Seth was entrusted with the Twin Swords: Eliminator from Kuon. The other name of the blades is the Indulgence of Seal-Destroyer. Its relation to Hyde's sword with a similar name hasn't been explained yet, but it is told to have to the opposite power to that of Hyde's sword.


  • Seth is the only character who can air dash in the game, unlike the others who usually must use an Assault for a similar effect.
  • Seth coincidentally shares his name with two other fighting game characters, Seth from The King of Fighters and Seth from Street Fighter IV.
  • Seth's moves both have kanji and katakana in them, along with Nanase's.