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Serena XY2

Full Name



セレナ Serena


Pokémon Series


Pokémon Trainer/Pokémon Performer


Her Pokémon


Baking, looking beautiful, admiring Ash, being with her friends (mostly Ash)


To support Ash Ketchum in any way through thick and thin
To become a Pokemon Performer

Type of Hero

Supporting Hero
In love hero
Childhood friend

Serena is the Pokemon Trainer for the upcoming games, Pokemon X and Y. According to the anime, she appears to have known Ash Ketchum before and have been childhood friends with him ever since. Serena met Ash from the time they attended Professor Oak's Pokemon summer camp in Pallet Town. During that time, she got lost in the middle of a forest while trying to find her group. Just then, a wild Poliwag jumped out of the bushes and scared her, causing her to fall on the ground and hurt her knee. Scared and upset, she called out for her mother for help. But moments later, someone came out of the bushes calling for Poliwag. It was Ash. He too was wondering through the forest only to be looking for Poliwag. While he was looking for it, he stumbled upon the young and frightened girl. Seeing how incredibly hurt she is, he bandages her knee up with a clean, blue handkerchief. Then he lended her his hand, warning her to not give up til it's over, and helped her stand up on her feet. After that, he escorted her back to the campsite. Ever since their first encounter, Serena developed romantic feelings for him and she kept that handkerchief and used it as a memory of the day she first met Ash.



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