ScottMalkinson 2

"I'm Thcott Malkinthon. I've got a lithp an' I got diabeteth"

"Don't make fun of my diabeteth"

"Don't make fun of my diabeteth, I'm Thcott Malkinthon"

-Cartman mocking Scott Malkinson

Scott Malkinson is a boy from South Park. He has a lisp and diabetes, which is unfortunate since his first and last name both contain an S. Apparently, having diabetes is a social stigma in South Park, as Butters is actually considered cooler than Scott.

After everyone in school takes an interest in High School Musical, the boys vow to abstain from becoming as lame as the other students. This backfires and they wind up hanigng out with Scott Malkinson, the only boy who isn't included in the song-and-dance routines that take place daily. Cartman mocks Scott for the way he talks, which Kenny finds hilarious. Stan points out that even though they're making fun of Scott, they're just as lame as he is for hanging out with him.

Scott Malkinson later appears in the Black Friday trilogy where he's part of the Xbox One division led by Cartman along with Kyle and Butters. Butters and Scott travel to George R.R. Martin's hose to find out when the dragons are going to appear in his Game of Thrones series, only to be invited in and left waiting for hours on end. Scott's diabetes causes him to lose consciousness as he hasn't eaten in that time and even though George promised to order pizzas, he actually hadn't and shows no signs of doing so.

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