Monsters University 14
Scott Squishy Squibbles is another friend of Mike and Sulley and one of the tritagonists in Monsters University. He is a short number of his friends.

He is voiced by Peter Sohn.


Monsters University

Squishy is constantly overlooked, and often moves without being noticed by anyone. Because of this, his interventions keep freaking out Mike Wazowski, who forgets his presence all the time. He soon learns to use this to his advantage: in the "Avoid The Parent" leg of the Scare Games he gets the OK flag unnoticed and brings victory to his team, and he catches a good score in the final "Simulate Scare" event by mysteriously changing position, freaking out the child dummy.

At the ROR party, Squishy discovers himself a more wild personality, dancing like crazy with the Python Nu Kappa sisters.

During the end credits of Monsters University, Scott was given a card indicating he now is a Scarer at Monsters, Inc., using the name Scott "Scary" Squibbles.

Party Central

Squishy re-appeared in the short film Party Central along with all the other Oozma Campa mates.