Supplemental Information

Sayu's outfit drastically changed from the previous style.

Hair color: Light blue braid with a small bun behind her right ear.
Headgear: Black and White headphones.
Eye color: Light Blue.
Dress: Chinese styled short white shirt and also wears black knee-high socks and black shoes.
Nationality/Race: Japanese

Voice Configuration

Sayu is designed for Japanese language only. Sayu has a very human-like voice, and can pronounce quite well. She cannot sing in English very well, nor can Sai. She does not have phonemes for other languages, though some can be improvised, but with rough results. Her voice data is written in Kana, so Western users must convert the filenames into Romaji first before using her. To get her voicebank, follow this link.

Notable Works

A few of Sayu's songs can be found herehere, and here. Her extended voicebanks(and Sai's) can be found in her new domain here: 

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience, aside from information from the author herself. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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