Sarge (Toy Story)
Sarge (short for Sergeant) is the leader of the Green Army Men. He lives in Andy's room with the other toys. He makes his first appearance in Toy Story.

He was voiced by the late R. Lee Ermey.


Toy Story

Woody talks to Sarge about finding his pal Slinky. Sarge says that he hasn't found him. He rallies the other soldiers to prepare for Andy's birthday. Later, he helps an injured soldier (stepped by Mrs. Davis) who can't get up. Sarge's voice is also heard on the Playskool radio. Rex impatiently knocks it over. The next day, Sarge gets angry thinking Woody knocked over Buzz Lightyear. One minute later, Sarge and his men attack Woody with the other toys. Sarge tells the toys to retreat after Andy goes into his room. When Andy moved to a new home, Sarge gave another announcement of Andy opening his new presents.

Toy Story 2

Sarge gives another alert that Buster and Andy are coming into the room. The toys freeze when Buster comes in. Andy uses them as the workers for Dr. Porkchop when Andy is playing for five minutes. The next day, he tells the toys to disguise as cones to stop the cars from crushing them to get to Al McWhiggin's store. After that, Sarge and his men are listening to Wheezy's song near the end.

Toy Story 3

Sarge and his soldier have two appearances. Sarge and his soldier bring Andy's cellphone to the toy box. He reports to the toy that Andy is a teenager. The three soldiers leave for Sunnyside Daycare. In the credits, he works for the toys at the daycare.

Theme Parks

  • Sarge appears in Toy Story: Midway Mania in the third minigame. He tells the player to break the plates.
  • Sarge and his Green Army Men are face characters. He and his men are mostly in Toy Story Land in Hong Kong Disneyland.
  • Sarge and his men are set to appear in Shanghai Disneyland.