Background information
Origin Liberty's Kids (2002)
Hero information
Full name Sarah Phillips
Alias N/A
Occupation Journalist
Powers / Skills None
Hobbies Outdoing James in publishing articles for their newspaper
Goals To get the best story possible for her newspaper (formerly)

To help the colonists in their battle for independence

Friends / Allies
Type of Hero Teenager, Traitor

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Sarah Phillips is the sole female of three protagonists of the TV series Liberty's Kids. She is an English 15-year-old girl with a sharp wit and a strong will. Of course, being British, she was against the Boston Tea Party, but later warms up to James Hiller, Henri LeFevbre, Moses, and other Americans.

In the first episode, it is shown that, preferring having things proper, she corrects grammar, such as double negatives:

  • JAMES: I'm not no Indian. None of us are.
    SARAH: You're not an Indian. Who taught you grammar?
  • JAMES: And who would I be quoting?
    SARAH: "Whom may I be quoting?" If you're going to write for a newspaper, you really should treat words with more care.

Despite being British, Sarah was voiced by American voice actress Reo Jones.


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