Sandy Sunshine
The only one who can discipline me is Madam!
~ Sandy Sunshine

Sandy Sunshine is the "demon lord" of Sun world.


Sandy is a cheerful princess from Sun world.

The demon lord of Sun world took over her body and when Chou-Chou opened her she still had him inside her.

She really likes the Sadist form of Chou-Chou.


Like most princesses, she is generally an elegant and devoted character. However, a trait that sets her apart from her aristocracy is none other than a masochistic side. When she comes across someone with a sadistic characteristic, she would instantly be smitten. She would always call C.C. Sadist "Onee-sama" (Madam in English) and would do anything but disobeying her "mistress".

However it seems that she doesn't like every sadistic people. This is evident when Sandy refused to be paraded in an skimpy bikini by Soul, and losing interest in the mini C.C. Sadist. So it is possible that she only have a certain taste for sadists.


She uses healing and buff spells.

Her weapons of choice are Staff, Fists, and scythe.

Her Unique special skill is Sunlight Inferno.

With this skill, Sandy will use the power of the Demon Lord of Sun World to make a large circle glyph on the ground. When the Glyph is complete, any enemies in range will suffer massive damage. Then, energy will erupt from the glyph and the enemies will be launched into space. They will collide with the other six worlds and then collide with the sun, which will blow up.

One notable thing about this attack is Sandy will be surprised indicating she did not expect the attack would destroy the sun, nor did she have any intention to destroy it.


  • In one of the events, Sandy revealed that she inherited her masochistic trait from her father. Her mother was a sadist who would almost always punish her father and give him pain.
  • She good at baking apparently.


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