Sandra (Japanese: ホシカ Hoshika) is a character from the Pokémon anime who appeared in A Fan with a Plan and Cruisin' for a Losin'.

Sandra is a young girl who lives in Rubello Town with her mother, Savannah. She is very proud of her mother for winning a Contest Ribbon, but at the same time isn't as enthusiastic as her mother is when it comes to knowing everything about Contests. She told Ash and his friends that she wants to be a Pokémon Trainer when she gets older, which piqued Ash's interest.

Because her mom is so busy with being a mother and participating in Contests, Sandra often helps her out by buying groceries and doing chores. She also assists her mom with Contests. During Savannah's battle with May, it was Sandra's idea to have her mother's Lairon use an Electric move while May's Bulbasaur used Vine Whip, thereby paralyzing it.

Although Savannah failed to win the Rubello Contest, Sandra remained proud of her mother. Both made a cameo appearance during the Hoenn Grand Festival in Deceit and Assist.


  • Sandra's Japanese name contains ホシ (hoshi), corresponding for 星 (star) while her mother's name contains ツキ (tsuki), corresponding for 月 (moon). In addition to this, she wears a star hair barrette while her mother wears crescent moon earrings.

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