Seraph is a superpowered government and member of of the DNAngels along with Cherub and Epiphany. She is a clone of an unnamed african american woman, mixed with DNA of the Young Justice member Superboy.


When Superboy takes the baby clone of Guardian to the supermarket he first meets the DNAngels. He is duped and then laid out by the superpowered trio of ladies . They grab the baby, get to their car, and start to make tracks. Superboy disables the car and tries to take the baby back. They boast that they work for the government and that Superboy must let them take the baby.

After mixing it up with the girls and distracting them twice first with a dirty diaper and then with a plastic baby toy, Superboy escapes. The next day he learns that Project Cadmus is gone and everything has simply vanished without a trace including all the people.

Powers and Abilities

Seraph has the DNA of Superboy. This gives Seraph with telekinetic abilities. Although some of the abilities are subject to change due to age and gene manipulation below is a list of exhibited superhuman abilities.

  • Tactile Telekinesis: Seraph's only superpower is "tactile telekinesis", a telekinetic force field that surrounds her body as a protective shield and allows her to simulate Superman-level speed, strength, flight and invulnerability. The tactile TK field also lets Seraph break free of an opponent's grip by pushing the field outward to force the opponent away. Other creative uses include rendering an opponent immobile by extending the TK field as long as they are both standing on the same ground.
    • Telekinetic Superhuman Strength: Her full strength is undetermined at this time. Like Superboy seems to be able to lift almost anything she can conceive of.
    • Telekinetic Flight: Seraph is able to fly at high supersonic speeds using a reflexive action of his telekinesis, literally dragging herself through the sky. With concentration is required to maintain great speeds.
    • Telekinetic Force-Field: By creating a field around her body, she is able to resist or reduce injury from non-energy based attacks by causing the object to be deflected from his personal force field. Bullets and shrapnel are easily deflected. This field does not repel gases or energy based attacks as well, though his skill in deflecting energy attacks is improving.
    • Telekinetic Force Blasts: Seraph can project burst of raw psionic energy bolts. She mostly projects the energy from his hands but it is assumed that she could project them from anywhere since her Tactile TK field permeates from his entire body.
    • Telekinetic Super Hearing:Seraph`s TK allows him to hear sounds from far away shown when she was able to hear through glass when he was far away.