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Sailor venus crystal render by luna ris-d7gg6ya
Minako (Mina In The English Dub) Aino is the alter ego of Sailor Venus and one of the main protagonists in the 1995 anime Sailor Moon.

Sailor Venus

In this form, Sailor Venus can perform many attacks including "Cresent Beam", "Crescent Beam Shower" which she gets in episode 52 (46 in the dub) in the R series. Her sailor suit has a orange collar, orange skirt, blue front bow, yellow back bow, orange ballet flats and an orange-stoned tiara. In the manga and the live action, there is a chain around her waist which she uses to perform her attacks. She can also fly.

Super Sailor Venus

In this form, there are no very apparent changes to her uniform, but her yellow back bow grows longer.

Princess Venus

In the past during the Silver Millennium, she was Princess Venus. As Sailor Venus, she is one of the guardians of Princess Serenity. She dwelt in Magellan castle and wore a yellow and orange gown.

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