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Sailor Moon
Sailor moon crystal render by luna ris-d7gg8or

Full Name

Serena Tsukino ("Usagi Tsukino" in the Japanese version)


Meatball Head, Bun Head


Sailor Moon (1991)


Junior High Student (as Serena/Usagi), Sailor Scout (as Sailor Moon)


Power of Light


Reading comics/manga, playing video games, spending time with her friends, and dating with Darien/Mamoru.


To be with Tuxedo Mask (Darien/Mamoru), Fighting greater evil, and to live a good life.

Type of Hero

Chosen One

For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier, Sailor Moon! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you! (「愛と正義の、セーラー服美少女戦士、セーラームーン!月に代わって、お仕置きよ!」) ("Ai to seigi no, sērāfuku bishōjo senshi, Sērā Mūn! Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!)
~ Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon is the main protagonist of the manga and anime series of the same name. Her real name is Serena Tsukino (Usagi Tsukino in the Japanese version). She can fly and has other magic powers.

She is 14 at the beginning of the series. She hates school work and is very lazy. Despite all that, she owns a black cat named Luna. When it comes to food, she prefers to eat sweets and even she despises carrots, she holds one to see if it is not corrupted or darkened. Sometimes when she wears casual outfits, her bunned pigtails can be decorated with different colors of bows.

In her Sailor Scout outfit, her skirt and collar are completely blue initially. She also has two red bows: one on the bodice and another on the back. When she gains the Purity Chalice in the first place, she uses it to upgrade herself for the first time and in the process, her blue skirt becomes white with yellow and blue stripes on the edge and her back bow turns white with ribbons extending. Aditionally, her Cosmic Heart belt is added around her waist.


She is one of the famous characters to have classic pigtails with sphere-shaped buns tied in it.


She can be also described as fun and excitable.

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