Ryouma Kagawa/Fire (香川 竜馬/ファイヤー Kagawa Ryōma/Faiyā) – 23 years old. Ryouma is the leader of the team and the only human member. Like Masaki, he is also a Police Superintendent. Kagawa is an orphan skilled in martial arts and knows five languages. His primary means of transportation is a purpose-built car named WinSquad. When initiating his transformation to Fire he calls out "Jack Up!" (着化 Chakka). He is then equipped with an energy sword - his primary all-purpose weapon - and a suit of red armor named the Crush Tector, which offers him protection but begins to cook him after a period of time. There are also other, more specialized weapons and tools available. Ryouma has a sister. He later joined the Solbrain team as Knight Fire (ナイトファイヤー, Naito Faiyā) His new car Knight Custom when initiating his transform to Knight Fire he calls out "Plus Up" (プラスアップPurasu Appu).


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