I'll take you on any time! ....that's all!
~ Rouga

Rouga Zanma is the main protagonist of Big Bang Age, Big Bang Beat, and Big Bang Beat Revolve.

He is a man with a strong sense of justice who enjoys a good fight. He seeks to dominate the entire nation with his group, the Wolf Fang Brigade, and bring the wild Special Students of Japan under control.

Rouga is old friends with Kunagi Tenrou, and cares quite a bit for her, although that does not seem to stop him from showing affection towards other women as well, such as the Nakanishi sisters and Senna Kyoudou.


He is aiming for national leadership as a charismatic leader. He likes to fight anytime and flirts with women. Also enjoys women (In BBA). He is good friends with Kuga, Heita, Yuuki, and Sanae. Transferred to Saintly Castle school as scholarship student. Have a fiancée named Kunagi Tenrou and a brother named Gou. His rivalry with Ren for conquering Japan which is first to conquer.


He has Strong coincidence.


  • He earned a nickname, "White Wolf" as he always wore white uniforms and since he began journeying from town to town and school to school.
  • The back of Rouga's shirt says "White Fang" in BBA. In BBB, it is missing or they forgot to put "White Wolf" on it.
  • Rouga doesn't let anybody get away if they insults his hairstyle.
  • Players viewed Rouga as faggot, or gay due to his pink gloves and big belt.
  • Rouga actually thinks Devil Daigo is annoying instead of viewing him as a fighter.