Rosie is a black widow spider from the animated film, "A Bug's Life". is maternal toward the rhinoceros beetle, Dim, and the younger ants of the colony. She has apparently had twelve husbands. She will sometimes be involved in whatever Slim, Francis, and Heimlich are doing. She seems to share a friendship with Slim, to whom she is seen in proximity.

She is voiced by Bonnie Hunt.


Rosie is usually a lion tamer in the circus. When Dim plays the role of a ferocious beast, Rosie hits her leg, which causes her to be guilty about herself being an anti-heroine. Rosie dislikes Tuck and Roll not listening to each other and arguing.

Role in the film

Rosie is first seen confronting Dim in the circus. When Dim gets whipped painfully, Rosie bandages him up. She also reminds Tuck and Roll to arrive for showtime. During the flaming death, Rosie and the rest of the circus troupes perform successfully and a few of the flies cheer for them for healing P.T.Flea.

At the Bug Bar, Rosie and the rest of the circus troupe are taught by Flik to be warriors. When the bar was completely rolled down, Rosie and the other circus performers were able to survive.

When Flik lied to the troupe about being warrior bugs, Rosie and the other performers are eventually circus artists and not warriors. She is notable of rescuing Dot from a giant bird and bringing Flik, Dot, Tuck and Roll, and Francis to safety. After Flik lied to the colony and was banished from Ant Island, Rosie captured P.T.Flea from taking Flik to the circus.

When the grasshoppers are about to take over Ant Island, Rosie and the other circus performers agree with Flik to use a fake bird to scare Hopper's henchmen. During the climax, Rosie is seen throwing Tuck and Roll towards Hopper to rescue Flik from being captured. Later, Rosie and the circus troupe leave Ant Island for next spring at the end of the film.

Video Games

A Bug's Life

Rosie has made one appearance in the game. She appears in the big city. She is one of the circus performers which the player must find to complete this level.


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