Rose Princess is one of the seven actresses from the album, Märchen, who sings of her grudge under Märchen von Friedhof's conducting and takes revenge upon Alte-Rose, the witch who cursed her as a babe. Her vocals and dialogue were provided by Mikuni Shimokawa. She is based on the character Sleeping Beauty (German Dornröschen) from the fairytales collected by the Brothers Grimm.


Rose Princess appears in three songs: Yoiyami no Uta where she first sings as part of Märchen von Friedhof's choir, Gyoukou no Uta where she makes a brief appearance, and Bara no Tou de Nemuru Himegimi where her full story is shown. Her song is the fifth of the seven actresses under the sin of Hochmut or Pride.

Bara no Tou de Nemuru Himegimi=

Her story is based off the original Grimms' version, albeit with some variations to the tale. After a frog announces her conception, Rose Princess' delighted royal parents throw a grand feast to celebrate her birth. However, they neglect to prepare a golden plate for the thirteenth wise woman, Alte-Rose, let alone invite her. This prompts Alte-Rose to place a curse on the infant Rose Princess, fating her to be pricked by a spindle at the age of fifteen and die. Another wise woman, Aprikose, is quick to interfere and alters the spell so that the princess will merely sleep for a hundred years.

Rose Princess grows up with little incident, and on her fifteenth birthday she climbs up a tower, eventually reaching the top room where an old woman is spinning thread. She expresses great interest in the spindle the woman uses, presumably because her parents had ordered the destruction of all such tools in the kingdom after Alte-Rose's announcement. The princess ends up pricking herself on the spindle and falls asleep.

At this point, Märchen von Friedhof bids her to wait for a Prince Charming to awaken her from her sleep. After a hundred years, the red prince arrives and easily passes the wild roses that have grown around the castle, finally coming upon Rose Princess' sleeping form and kissing her. She wakes up, the rest of the castle along with her, and takes her revenge by exiling Alte-Rose. However, the former wise woman manages to leave Rose Princess with a second curse, and the story closes with the princess abandoning her newborn child in the forest.

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