Rose Lalonde

Full name

Rose Lalonde








Magic wand that shoots out fire blast, flight


Helping her friends, killing ogers and imps


Kill Jack Noir, break Sburb

Type of hero

Big good

Rose Lalonde is one of the protagonist in Andrew Hussies webcomic Homestuck


Rose is usually calm and makes her point fast. She is very intelligent but if you make her mad she can also be very powerful. She is caring and will fight to protect loved ones

Act 2

Rose first appeares in act 2. She gets a game called Sburb and because she read the Manuel she thought she could help her friend John Egbert. When Rose starts Sburb she is attacked by a meteor shower. Her internet is soon lost so she can't contact John. Her house catches on fire and she has to run outside and into her dead cat Jaspers coffin. She finally gets Internet and joins Johns game server

Act 3

During act 3 Roses past is revealed. She loved her cat Jaspers as a kid but one day Jaspers drowned. Rose Manages to prototype Jaspers dead body in order to create the Jasperssprite. Aside from that she talks to Jade, John, And Dave.


Act 4

In act 4 Rose meats Kanaya Maryam. Rose is also able to wake up Dream Dave by throwing yarn at his head. In act 4 it is revealed that Rose is a Derse dreamer (meaning that whenever she falls asleep her dream self appeares and Derse). When Rose was asleep John crashed into her house. Kanaya was contacting Rose so John had to pose as Rose to deal with Kanaya.

Dream Rose

Act 5 Act 2

In act 5 act 2 (simplily known as Hivebent part 2) Rose meets Doc Scratch. Scratch manipulates Rose to hunt down Jack Noir by showing her a video of Jack killing her mother. On her way to kill Jack she bumps into John. John joins her and they try to take down Jack. Jack kills John making Rose more angry and attack Jack. In the end Jack kills rose. Roses dream self finds her quest bed and sleeps on it. Awakening Roses god tier.

God tier Rose