Background information
Origin X-Men comics
Hero information
Full name Marie D'Ancanto
Alias Rogue, Anna Raven, Doctor Kellogg, Mutate #9602, Irene Adler, Miss Smith
Occupation Member of the X-Men, adventurer, former mechanic, waitress, terrorist
Powers / Skills Absorption of powers, skills, and memories by touch, Superhuman strength, Flight
Hobbies Being with her boyfriend Iceman
Goals Help the X-Men
Friends / Allies Wolverine, Professor X, Iceman (boyfriend)
Enemies Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Type of Hero Amazon, Heroine who can fly, Tragic Heroine, Teenage Heroine, Brute, In love Heroine, Femme Fatale, Speedster

Rogue is a member of the X-Men and a popular hero in the Marvel Universe who suffers from the fact that due to her mutation she can never touch another living being without fear of absorbing their abilities and risk killing them in the process - this has made Rogue confused and angry in the past and continues to haunt her but she has broken away from her original role as a member of the Brotherhood and become a hero, fighting against the schemes of her own adoptive-mother - Mystique - as well as other villains such as Magneto.

Rogue is one of the "core" group of X-Men and as such she has appeared in almost all cartoons, movies and videogames based on the comics and has had romantic-relationships with Gambit, Colossus, Campbell, Pulse and even Joseph - none of these lasted long but it is generally accepted that of all her relationships it was Gambit that had most impact on her, of course a major drawback in all her relationships was she could not touch those she cared for without harming them.

Rogue has the potential to be one of the X-Men's most powerful members due to her abilities, though whether she will ever be able to fully control them or not is still in question.




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