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Robin Hood is a legendary outlaw and hero of British folklore who has become internationally known as the robber of the rich and giver to the poor - he was said to frequent Sherwood Forest in Nottingham and had a legendary rivalry with the Sheriff of Nottingham which grew in popularity in the many films and books based on the character.

Robin Hood was a champion of a benevolent sort of anarchy, at least in theory, taking from those that were seen as greedy or corrupt while giving to those that were in true need of wealth - though whether this was factual or simply a fanciful tale told is probably lost in time (like the origins of so many myths).

Robin Hood is also famous for being a sociable thief who led his own gang of "Merry Men" - who included the likes of Friar Tuck and Little John, as well as his romantic interests in Maid Marian plus his skill with the bow and arrow was said to verge on the superhuman as he was the finest archer in all of England (and possibly the world).

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