Ripjaws is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Piscciss Volann from the planet Piscciss.

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Ripjaws resembles to a humanoid life form with fish-like traits, He is mix between a alligator, eel, angelfish, and a shark, He has grey scale skin, webbed hands with yellow sharp claws, yellow sharp teeth, glowing lure on his head, gills on the front of his neck, green fins between his his elbows and his back. Ripjaws also wears the Omnitrix Symbol on his left torso.

In Ultimate Alien, Ripjaws now have catfish like face with green lips, two whiskers and green eyes with black pupils. He has a front torso which looks similar to Humungousaur's shape but in white colour, His mermaid-like tail is now grey and has triangular grey lines on it. Ripjaws also wears the Ultimatrix Symbol on his front chest.

Powers and Abilities

Ripjaws possesses sharp teeth which are capable of ripping metal.

When transforming his legs into a tail, Ripjaws is capable of swimming at high speeds and is very agile in the water. Due to having gills, Ripjaws is able to breathe underwater and he can also withstand strong water pressure.

Ben 10

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ripjaws only appears in Perplexhedron, When Ben uses Ripjaws to broke out and escape from a room filling with water to save Kevin and him. Ripjaws also have no speaking role during his only appearance in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien.

Ben 10: Omniverse

In Gone Fishing, Ben used Ripjaws from fishing, He first used Ripjaws to dive underwater to catch some fish in his mouth but what he caught in his mouth were some seaweed and a old rubber boot. He used Ripjaws again to search underwater along with Magister Patelliday to look for some fish so he can prove that Ripjaws' methond is better. but Ripjaws saw Patelliday had been captured and taken away by the Mechaneers, Ripjaws swim after them to rescue Pateliiday, but was slow down when fighting and destorying one of Mechaneers while the rest them carry Patelliday thefore failling to save him.  


  • Ripjaws has been used 16 times in the Ben 10 franchise.