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Artwork from the The Young Ones.

Full Name

Rick Mayall


Rick, Rik, Bastard, Coward, Yellow Cheeky, etc.


Vyvyan, Neil, Mike




The Young Ones


None in particular


Insulting Neil at every opportunity.

Type of Hero



Hands up who likes me?
~ Rick

Rick is one of the characters in the 1980s British TV sitcom The Young Ones. He is a self-proclaimed anarchist who is studying sociology and/or domestic sciences (depending on the episode). Rick writes bad poetry, and styles himself as the "The People's Poet", believing himself to be the "spokesperson for a generation".

He was portrayed by Rik Mayall.


He is in fact a hypocritical, tantrum-throwing, attention-seeking Cliff Richard fan, or, as Vyvyan describes him, "The classic example of an only child!" Rick tries to impress the others using wit, and humour, despite not having any discernable talent. He insults Neil at every opportunity, fights and bickers with Vyvyan, and attempts to impress Mike. He is portrayed as being so self-absorbed that he believes he is the "most popular member of the flat", despite being disliked by virtually everyone he knows; even though his housemates hate him, he says that they "really are terrific friends". This is further emphasised in the episode "Bambi" when Neil reads graffiti aloud from Rick's History 'O' Level text book - "Prick is a wonker - signed, the rest of the class" which Rick dismisses as banter until Neil further reads "I agree with the rest of the class - signed teacher" which triggers a signature tantrum from Rick.