Background information
Origin Rugrats
Hero information
Full name Reptar
Occupation Monster
Powers / Skills Fire breath
Goals To save the world
Friends / Allies Dactar
Enemies Robosnail
Type of Hero Parody/Homage

Reptar is a dinosaur character from the Rugrats media. He is one of Tommy Pickles' favorite heroes.

Physical Appearance

Reptar is a green Godzilla-like dinosaur with blue spike-like appendages on his back, red eyes and a purple tongue.


Reptar is known as a hero who saves the world, and sometimes known as a destructive character, depends on how he has been portrayed. The babies and some adults sees him as a hero, such as at the medieval fair, the Reptar actor stopped Stu's wildly controlled robotic dragon.

He appears in movies, tv shows, action figures, clothes, ice skating shows, food packages, candy, cars, amusement parks and other various merchandise.


  • Reptar is a parody of Godzilla.
    • Because of this, Klasky Csupo was sued by Toho in 2002, as Toho is not fond of Godzilla parodies and strongly dislikes them.
  • in Rugrats in Paris, Reptar has his own them park called Euro Reptarland.

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