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I just stopped thinking. I figured out that using my brain was the whole problem, not just here, but my entire life. If I just do exactly what I'm told, and nothing else, then everything gets easy. It's not even a question of smart or dumb. You just turn yourself into a tool. I'm much happier that way. I'm the world's happiest tool
~ Reese turning off his brain after joining the army

Reese Wilkerson is the older brother of Malcolm on Malcolm In The Middle. He is the minor antagonist and anti-hero of the show. He is like the school bully and usually gets in trouble a lot in school or at home. He usually beats up Malcolm and Dewey a lot. Sometimes he does care about them. One thing he, Malcolm, Francis and Dewey all have in common is to piss off their mother Lois. He is played by Justin Berfield.

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