Blu in trouble
The Red Macaw Tribe is a group of Scarlet Macaws led by Felipe who are supporting antagonists turned-one of the supporting protagonists of Rio 2. 


The Red Macaw Tribe like to provoke their rivals

Despite hating BluEduardo and Spix's Macaw Tribe, they reformed and became friends with them and joined them to defeat The Loggers. 


The Red Macaw Tribe are red Scarlet Macaws with yellow and blue wing feathers. 


  • The only member of The Red Macaw Tribe who has a name is Felipe, the leader.
  • Although all of the members of The Red Macaw Tribe don't have names except for their leader, Felipe, the commentators in the Pit of Doom calls some of them Tito, Cesar, Antonio and Mario.
  • Some of The Red Macaw Tribe are male and some of them are female.