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Randall seems

Randall J. Weems is a character from the TV show, Recess. Like Prickly and Ms. Finster, he is sometimes good or bad when he is with the Recess gang. He is in fourth grade and gets caught for spying. He sometimes has a major role in the series and in Recess: School's Out.


Randall is the most hated kid in school for his snitch ways, resulting in him being banned from the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club. There are times he wants to be accepted but won't stop snitching since he has a friendship with Ms. Finster. He also has a standard for snitching, as there are certain things he won't tell on you for. He sometimes can be an antagonist to the gang. For example, he took over the playground with Menlo in "Partners in Crime".

Randall, however, does have his limits on snitching as proven at the end of Schools Out; When Benedict and Fenwick end up arrested in the ending of the movie, Fenwick tries to talk his way out of arrest by pinning the blame on his boss and tries to claim that he was following orders. Randall's, who was nearby when witnessing it, only reaction to it was saying "Jeez, what a squealer!" out of disgust, implying that he felt that Fenwick's ratting out Benedict, his boss, to save his skin was low even for an informant like himself.

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