Raichi Hoshimiya (星宮らいち Hoshimiya Raichi) is Ichigo Hoshimiya's little brother. He is obsessed with Mizuki Kanzaki, influencing Ichigo to become a fan herself. Raichi had a collection of Mizuki's photographs, which were accidentally damaged by Ichigo.

He helps his mother run a bento shop and also admires Aoi Kiriya.


Raichi is almost as big of an idol know-it-all that Aoi is. While his relationship with Ichigo isn't a bad one, he isn't exactly close enough to her to reveal personal things to her unless she manages to find out. As shown when he tried to keep her from seeing the photos of Mizuki he took.

At first he didn't have much confidence in Ichigo that she could become a good idol, but over time he quickly begins to become impressed by her skills and the roles she gets.


Raichi has brown hair and eyes and is usually depicted in a teal-blue and yellow outfit.


  • In one of the episodes, Raichi is shown to have an ability to sense, or rather, "smell", an idol's aura.
  • His radio name is "Raichingale." A pun from Nightingale.
  • Raichi correctly guessed that his mother was actually part of the legendary idol unit, Masquerade.
  • His name probably alludes to the lychee fruit, considering the fruit theme in the family names and the L on his shirt.
  • He shares the same seiyū with Shion Kamiya.

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