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Rabbit ''Yeah, not bad
Background information
Origin Skunk Fu
Hero information
Full name Rabbit
Occupation Panda's student
Powers / Skills Kung Fu
Hobbies Fighting
Goals To become Panda's favorite student

To defeat Baboon and Dragon

Friends / Allies Skunk, Panda, Fox
Enemies Baboon, Dragon
Type of Hero Martial Artist

Rabbit is one of the primary characters in the show Skunk Fu! voiced by Paul Tylack. He is a male grey and white rabbit and has no beard (obveously). He is noted to be in his twenty, but is not proven in the show there for he and Fox are debatablly in their twenties or teenagers. He is a negative influence for Skunk.


  • He was 20 years old when Skunk Fu was made in 2007. Therefore, he was born in 1987.

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