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RWBY (pronounced "Ruby") is a team of students at B
eacon Academy, which is and will be comprised of the main protagonists: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. The first battle with the four members fighting together takes place in Episode 8, though it is before the team's official formation. The team was later formed in the same episode. During initiation, the team chose to bring back the White Knight pieces.




  • All of the members are indirectly referenced in the lyrics of Red Like Roses by their theme colors.
  • Team RWBY is made of characters that are inspired from various fairy tales.
    • Ruby is based on the title character of Little Red Riding Hood, as seen by her red hood and cloak and her association of fights with Beowolves.
    • Weiss alludes to the main protagonist of Snow White, as her name means "White Snow" in German, and she sings of a mirror (a famous element of the original story) in her "White" Trailer.
    • Blake alludes to the female heroine Belle of Beauty and the Beast due to her surname containing "Belle" (meaning "beauty" in Italian), a love of books, and her partner Adam sharing the name of the Beast in Disney's 1991 musical adaptation and his design based around roses.
    • Yang references Goldilocks from The Tale of the Three Bears through her long blonde hair and constant fights with various bears, such as the DJ from The Club, Junior Xiong (whose last name means bear), and Ursi.
  • The members of Team RWBY might also have connections to flowers and plants in their designs.
    • Ruby's surname (and the name of her weapon), her symbol, and the petals she emits in battle are all roses.
    • Weiss' weapon, Myrtenaster, is based on "Myrten Aster," the German translation for a family of flowers known as Myrtaceae that are typically found to be white.
    • Blake's surname is also the name of a deadly nightshade called belladonna.
    • Yang's Ember Celica is possibly named after a type of hot bell pepper called "Celica," which can be yellow.