Quicks is Speckles' older brother from the movie Speckles the Tarbosaurus. He has grayish-green scales, and gray eyes.


Quicks is first shown, on a hunt, with his mother, his twin sisters, and Speckles, his younger brother. He seperates their target from the rest of the herd. Then, the twins leap out from  behind a clump of bushes, and herd the prey towards their mother, who is hiding nearby. Once their mother delivers the killing bite, Quicks and the others roar in victory. Later that day, Speckles badgers Quicks to play with him, and the older Tarbosaurus gives in, and takes his younger sibling out for a walk in the forest. But Speckles accidentally angers a huge Therizinosaurus, who prepares to slice the young Tarbosaurus to shreds with his fearsome claws! Thankfully, Quicks arrives just in time, bowling the creature over, onto the ground! The twins join him, roaring at the Therizinosaurus angerly, as Quicks and Speckles escape. The next afternoon, Speckles finally goes on his first hunt, with his family, and joins Quicks, as he singles out a young Tsintaosaurus to stalk. Speckles, however, decides to "go for the bigger prey", and runs over to a group of three large adults. The tiny hatchling roars at them, bravely, but his "prey" doesn't even flinch. Suddenly, a massive stampede of dinosaurs comes thundering towards Speckles, who runs for his life! One-Eye, a ferocious Tyrannosaurus, caused the stampede, and is herding the dinosaurs to the edge of a tall cliff! Quicks spots his frightened sibling among the herbivores, as a large Ankylosaurus behind Speckles causes a pile-up, by accident. But just as Speckles is about to be crushed beneath the falling dinosaurs, Quicks heroically sacrifices himself, and throws Speckles to safety! Speckles is horrified and saddened about the loss of his older brother.

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