Queen Jeanne (ジャンヌ女王, Jannu Joou, alternative spelling: Queen Jane) is the queen of Robot Kingdom and Poko's human sister, as well as Maria's foster daughter. She also appeared in the 23rd movie: Nobita and the Robot Kingdom.

She is voice by Niiyama Chiharu.


Jeanne live with her father, the previous king of the kingdom. Her birth mother passed away when she was very young, so Maria became her foster mother and took care of her. She really loves Maria as her mother and Poko as her little brother a lot, evident by the four leaf clover event.

However, during a construction event, the king was killed in an accident when he saved one of the worker robot, resulting in Jeanne believing that robots with emotion were the reason why her father died thanks to Dester. After becoming the new queen, she ruled the kingdom with ironfist and ordered all robots to have their emotions removed. She sent group of soldiers to catch and imprison Poko and Maria, but due to an accident only Maria was captured. Despite her harsh words, she haven't ordered the soldiers to remove Maria memory, which Dester has speculated that because of Jeanne still think of her as her mother-figure.

After Doraemon was captured by Desda, the group excecuted their plan to rescue Doraemon from the coliseum. Meanwhile Jeanne come to watch the battle of Kongfighter versus Doraemon along with Dester. Which results in Doraemon's victory. Nobita then confronted the queen that robot aren't human's slave, but they friends. Along with Poko keep calling for her name made her heart swaying. When the group escaped, Jeanne ordered all the guards and Dester to follow her to captures them.

Dr.Jabek, saw that the queen is after them, told Doraemon and his friends to evacute to Rainbow Valley. During the hunt, Jeanne's robot malfunctioned called her to fall into river. This was done by Dester on purpose to ensure that he will become the next ruler of Robot Kingdom. Jeanne was later found by Poko but she resisted the help and collapsed. Doraemon and group then bring her along with them to the Rainbow Valley on Poko's behest.

Jeanne was nursed by Shizuka and Poko.

Comparison between Manga and Movie

  • Jeanne has harsher personality in the manga.
  • Her hair is short red or brown in manga, oppose the movie which her hair is gold. The change is likely done to make Jeanne has more resemblance to Poko, her brother.
  • The event that Shizuka slapped Jeanne didn't happened in the movie.
  • Jeanne didn't changed her way in the manga until the hide and seek event.

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