The Quantasaurus in Dinosaur Mode


The Quantasaurus in Megazord Mode

The Quantasaurus Rex (often referred to as just the Q-Rex) is the zord of the Quantum Ranger and was originally a prototype zord designed by Time Force. It was one of the first objects sent back in time, only for it to be lost in time until Eric found it. The Quantasaurus Rex's power source are Trizyrium Crystals, powerful radioactive crystals created from what was considered industrial waste in the present and Eric gives it voice commands with his Quantum Morpher.

Dinosaur Mode

The Quantasaurus Rex's normal mode. In this form, its main weapon are the Q-Rex Lasers built on its back and another powerful laser blast fired from its mouth. The Quantum Ranger would often leap onto the head of the Quantasaurus Rex to fire his Quantum Defender in combination with its lasers and the Time Force Megazord in Mode Red would ride on its back to defeat monsters.

Megazord Mode

The Quantasaurus Rex's alternate combat mode, which it transforms into upon the Quantum Ranger's voice command. In this form, its back lasers are replaced by a set of cryo blasters on its shoulders, which use the Max Blizzard attack to finish monsters. The Q-Rex can also use the Quantum Thunder Fist attack, where it launches its left fist at the opponent and its right hand is a revolving missile battery called the Quantum Missile gauntlet.

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