This group consists of the main characters in the internet short film "Dear Grace", which consists of Grace Majors, Jennever, Louise Keller, Kailey Brown, Jack Swords, Bruce Blackwell, Alex, Albert Schwinkle, Willow, Cosette, and Steven Torres.

Dear Grace

Each member of this group has thier own individual story in the movie. Jennever is an abused girl trying to find her way in the world, Louise is a spoiled girl from England who is having trouble making friends, Kailey is a girl who is often picked on who is trying to prove she can be somebody, Jack is an awkward boy who is madly in love with a girl and can't express his love, Bruce is a troubled boy who is being forced to do drugs and drink alchohol, Alex is a hippie girl who is always being called a freak, Albert is a brilliant young prodgidy who is pressured into cheating on a test, Willow is a fabulous movie star that nobody likes because of her "my way or the highway" attitude, Cosette is an orphan with poor living conditions, trying to find a better family, and Steven is a crippled boy who is trying to find something to do with his life. Grace, the protagonist, helps all of them with their problems. Although this group isn't technically an organization or even a team, they work together towards the end of the movie to stop Mikayla from posting all of their secrets on facebook.


. Although they all go to the same school, they didn't seem to know each other before the events of Dear Grace.

. The only ones who seemed to know each other before hand were Jack and Steven

. It is unknown if Jack and Alex are officially dating, but it is hinted at


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