Sylvia introducing herself

Princess Sylvia is the heroine of the animated language course film Muzzy. She is voiced by the late Susan Sheridan, who also voiced Eilonwy for The Black Cauldron, Noddy for "Noddy's Toyland Adventures".

Role in the Film

Sylvia is the daughter of the king and queen of Gondoland. She may appear demure but is spirited and Bob, the palace gardener, grows a liking to her. However, the king's sinister aid, Corvax, also has his eye on Sylvia, who is not at all afraid of him. When Sylvia falls for Bob, Corvax sets him up and the king rushes to her aid, telling her she's glad to have her back but won't let her see her love again. Bob is taken to prison, but Sylvia refuses to forget him. Corvax tries to force her to be his bride, but Sylvia breaks up with him on the spot. She gets accidentally cloned, but, aided by Bob, the queen, and Muzzy, she sets the king free when Corvax imprisons him in his computer. Sylvia and her friends and family finally set things right and the king and queen let her be with Bob. In the end, the two of them are married.

In the sequel, Sylvia has a new baby girl, Amanda, rescues her from Corvax, and saves the kingdom once again.

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