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Don't cry! We'll lose if we cry!
~ Rein to Fine and Poomo in "Large Reckless Driving Black Crystal"

Rein is the second main protagonist of Fushgiboshi no Futagohime and one of the twin princesses of the Sunny Kingdom along with her sister Fine. She is fashionable and fantasizes about her romance with Bright. Rein is also the Royal Wonder Academy's news reporter.


Rein is a striking resemblance of her father, inheriting his blue hair and sea-green eyes. She leaves her hair down tied with a golden ring at the end. Her usual outfit is very similar to Fine in terms of the design. She wears a dark, blue magician-like hat with gold patterns, a blue top with a curved-like cape at the back along with a white ribbon and 3 buttons. She wears a blue miniskirt, long, white socks and a pair of blue shoes.


Rein loves to dress up and wear elaborate accessories. She is crazy when it comes to romance and daydreams about Bright all the time. She is willing to help anyone in need no matter what the situation. Rein can is very adventurous and brave, but she can also be caring and eccentric and thinks of positive and intelligent ways to fix things. She enjoys solving other people's problems as well. In the manga, she had more of a tomboyish personality than in the anime.