Hero Overview

Hi, I'm Daisy
~ Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy is one of the main protagonists of the Mario video game series. She is the ruler of Sarasaland and the love interest of Luigi. Although Daisy is the ruler of Sarasaland, she currently resides in the Mushroom Kingdom. She is shown to be the more intelligent princess out of the two. She is also the best friend of Princess Peach. Despite being sweet and very beautiful, Daisy is a tomboy, something first stated in her debut appearance, Super Mario Land. In complement to her name, she has an affinity for flowers. Her attire, special abilities, personal emblems, and general representations are often flowers, as well. She first appeared in Super Mario Land on the Game Boy in 1989, and was a forgotten character until Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 eleven years later, like Waluigi, Princess Daisy was playable in every Mario spin-off game to date. After an early hiatus, Daisy was reintroduced due to a lack of human characters in the series. She appears most often in the Mario spin-off games.


Daisy is a human with blue eyes, wears a crown with a flower on it, ginger hair, a long, yellow, and orange flower-like dress with a flower on her chest, gloves, and flower earings, on her feet she wears orange woman shoes. In the series of Mario and Sonic she wears an orange gymnastic dress, hot short pants and orange gymnastic shoes with white socks in the normal sports, in the acquatic sports she wears an orange swimsuit and she is also barefooted.